tirsdag 28. mai 2013

Tie it up - plain birthdaycard :)

I was going to make a quick and easy birthdaycard for my boy who was going to a birthdayparty, and came across Cute Card Thursday's theme 'Tie it up'!
That put my thoughts in this direction:

A little close up...

So my idea was kind of to tie the congrats-sheet up as a sign.

Have a beautiful day, all scrappers!
The sun and warmth has finally arrived here! :D

4 kommentarer:

elin sa...

Hei hei. Kult kort.
Ta en titt i bloggen min - da du er en av vinnerne på blogcandyen.

Kjerstin sa...

Tusen hjertelig takk!! :D

Kjerstin sa...
Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.
Remove Background sa...

Your card is gorgeous.such a sweet image, I love the soft colours and beautiful detailing.